Monday, March 3, 2014

Flogging the Barney Bishop: What passes for "Smart Justice" in the FloriDUH legislature

This is Barney Bishop III of the ironically named "Florida Smart Justice Alliance." Just remember, there is logic, and then there is FloriDUH logic. Barney Bishop, in a testimony to the Florida House Judiciary Committee on March 3, offered this gem of a comment regarding the proposed 50 year minimum sentence law in committee:

"We think that very long sentences are warranted; in fact, we'd like longer sentences. And I would just say in closing that with respect to smart justice that maybe what we ought to really be doing is thinking about giving the victims’ families an opportunity to have visitation with the perpetrators and a pair of scissors. That's our idea of smart justice, Mr. Chairman, not anything short of that."

I can't believe someone made an even dumber comment than Ron Book. Well, this warrants a change to his organization's mission statement.

There, I fixed it. 

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