Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Margey Eagan of the Boston Herald starts "Mass. Hysteria" over Registrant lottery winner

There is nothing in the law that states registered citizens cannot win a lottery, nor can anyone control who does what with the money. Margery Egan works for the Boston Herald, the wannabe NY Post, known more for its over-the-top front page than for its actual content. Her op-ed is the typical misinformed spiel about "pedophiles." The media needs to ban that word from usage, because invoking that word is a sex offender version of Godwin's Law.

I guess We'll see a Margery's law banning felons from the lottery, because the lottery leads to crime, according to her. If it haves one lottery...

Eagan: Everyone lost when Snay hit $10M jackpot
Herald columnist Margery Eagan
Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So today we learn the gruesome details about $10 million lottery winner Daniel Snay, 62.

The story has tainted the Massachusetts Lottery and every dollar any of us have spent. It means we helped pay off a guy who — as the Lottery learned within two weeks of cutting him his first check — was a Level 3 sex offender, a child molester, long before he won.

Snay’s now been arrested on charges of molesting yet another child in an investigation that could spread to Connecticut, New York and Florida. Worse, authorities say, he used his winnings to further his crimes. They say he bought his young male victim two Kawasaki ATVs.

Millions could have enabled Snay to quit his truck-driving job, leaving him to his own devices.

Simple common sense tells you this spells disaster: a dangerous career sex offender, with $10 million to burn.

Yet nothing happened to Daniel Snay.

Somebody outed him back in 2008, right after he posed for the cameras next to then-Lottery director Mark Cavanagh. Holding his Billion Dollar Blockbuster check, Snay proved the exception to the tired old line, sex offenders don’t necessarily look like sex offenders. Snay looked like a sex offender out of central casting. He’d already been convicted four times over 13 years.

Yet nothing happened to Daniel Snay.

It was widely reported then that he violated the law by moving to Massachusetts without notifying Connecticut authorities, as sex offenders are required to do. It was widely reported that he’d failed to comply with other conditions of probation, yet, again, no one revoked that probation. There’s no indication that authorities watched him more closely, or monitored his comings and goings, or blew his picture up so locals would recognize this menace in their midst.

Lottery Executive Director Beth Bresnahan says the lottery can’t take away winnings unless a winner owes back taxes or child support. The Lottery can’t hold up Snay’s money now because he went through legal channels to collect it at once instead of in installments. She also said the lottery doesn’t do criminal background checks on winners.

But there is something crazy, nonsensical, just plain wrong about the story of Daniel Snay. A known pedophile wins $10 million in the lottery. Within days, the Lottery realizes it. And neither they, nor anyone else, says, wait a minute here. So from 2008 until now, Snay lived as he chose on his winnings, and who knows how many children paid.

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