Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wisconsin Carry (gun nuts) use Predator Panic to promote more guns

I was just watching Michael Moore's "Bowling for Columbine" again yesterday. Maybe it is a coincidence this story just pops up in my news feed. So this gun-nut group called "Wisconsin Carry" is using Predator Panic to convince people to carry guns. What fun, what fun, more cheeseheads carrying guns.

MILWAUKEE -- Two sex offenders living at East Van Beck Avenue on the South Side, can now leave their home unsupervised.

One pro-gun group's message to this neighborhood? Get a concealed carry license and arm yourself.

Edwin West and Shawn Schulpius have lived in this South Side neighborhood for a year.

Soon, they'll be allowed to occasionally leave their home unsupervised.

The situation frightened families nearby. Concealed carry advocates spent the day handing out flyers, encouraging homeowners to take action.

“Many people come to the realization of, hey, I could be a victim of crime,” explains Nik Clark, president of Wisconsin Carry. “Sometimes it takes something like this, coming to their neighborhood, sometimes it takes seeing it on TV. But we want to make that opportunity available for them.”

Kendra Schmike is a mom of 3 young sons.. She's planning to get her license.
The sex offenders live about 8 blocks away from her apartment. After she gets her Concealed Carry License, she plans on buying a gun. She wants to do everything she can to protect her family.

"I’ve always wanted a gun for home defense,” says Schimke. “I'm comfortable with them. But it'll definitely be empowering to not only have one, be comfortable with it, be able to carry it as well, gives that extra peace of mind."

Not everyone agrees that carrying a gun is the right choice.

"If it did any good, I’d say fine,” says former teacher Phillip Wilke. “Crime is a serious problem. But I just don't think people are going to get to their guns in time. I think whoever has the element of surprise, even if you're armed has the big advantage."

Nik Clark of Wisconsin Carry says there are non-lethal options like stun guns or tasers. But you'll still need a concealed carry license to have them.

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