Sunday, November 22, 2015

John Walsh found a new patsy in D'OHio senator Rob Portman

It seems my senator, Rob Portman, has been playing the patsy to John Walsh as of late. Last month, John Walsh has stated publicly that he was going to lobby Congress for the A-damned Walsh Act

So now John Walsh is getting involved with the human trafficking panic, and he was found the perfect patsy in Ohio Senator Rob Portman. Portman has obvious drank the Kool-Aid, inviting Walsh to this subcommittee. (On a related note, pronouncing the NCMEC as 'Nick-Mick" is extremely annoying.) Lets listen to Portman mention he "invited" Walsh to the subcommittee meeting (at the 48 second mark):

What I find interesting is by Portman's own Twitter page, the issue of sex trafficking in America's seventh most-populous state (Ohio's population is currently estimated at 11.5 Million) is very, very, VERY small:

So they had 13 "reported cases" in 4 years? That's 3.3 cases a year. That is a ridiculously small number. There were more people who won $1 Million or more in the Ohio lottery scratch-off ticket program (there were six of those for 2015 so far).

Did anyone notice that John Walsh had a front row seat? This was completely intentional.

So a few of you may be wondering why i'm even making a big deal of this, besides the presence of fading star John Walsh. Well, consider the fact that the "sex trafficking scare" is impacting laws against registered citizens. there are TWO "sex trafficking" bills in Congress directly impacting registered citizens:

H.R. 515 ("International Megan’s Law to Prevent Child Exploitation and Other Sexual Crimes Through Advanced Notification of Traveling Sex Offenders") Chris Smith (R-NJ)

S.1867 ("International Megan’s Law to Prevent Child Exploitation Through Advanced Notification of Traveling Sex Offenders") Sponsor: U.S. Richard Shelby (R-AL)

This panic is going to be a way to keep Walsh relevant, seeing as how America's most Wanted is no more and The hunt is getting less than stellar reviews. Walsh still gets a share of the NCMEC's cash prize each year.

One last thing before I add a news article, Because John Walsh is such a fading star, we at the Shiitake Awards have determined that Walsh is only worthy of an Everyday Zeroes Award.

They’re gonna pay': Lawmakers target sex ads

Updated: Fri 10:59 AM, Nov 20, 2015
By: Jacqueline Policastro - Email

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Lawmakers are going after the CEO of, the website known to accept online ads from pimps who are selling children for sex.

CEO Carl Ferrer failed to show up as a witness at a Congressional Hearing by the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.

His lawyers told Committee Chairman, Ohio Senator Rob Portman, that he was on international business travel.

“This subcommittee would respect any valid assertion of 5th amendment privileges but there is no privilege not to show up,” Portman said.

Frustrated lawmakers say they plan to refer Ferrer to the Department of Justice for criminal contempt. It’s a step the Senate committee hasn’t taken in more than thirty years.

The website is a known hub for human trafficking, especially sex trafficking of children.

Senators said the rules of the website make it easier to post an ad to sell a child than to sell a motorcycle or boat. Lawmakers believe the fair market value of is $430 million.

In an effort to bring more attention to the issue of sex trafficking John Walsh, creator of America’s Most Wanted, came to the hearing with a message for the CEO of

“You’re a coward, it’s all about money,” Walsh said.

Walsh told us screens the ads they receive and actually changes them to make it harder for law enforcement to catch pimps.

“The buyers of sex with children are the number one offenders, they should be in jail. And the pimp that trafficked the child should be in jail. And facilitator of that ad to put that pimp and that child together with that pervert – that’s a crime,” said Walsh.

Walsh calls the website a shopping mall for people who want to exploit children saying he’s been trying for 3 years to help flag and report posts advertising children for sex.

“They’re making a joke out of this committee and they are gonna pay,” said Walsh.

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  1. John walsh should have never been cleared from the investigation of the obduction of his son . Inside diversity and calculating allegations finalized finding the truth . This case is still unsolved for the betterment of the AWA continuation . Many registerd citizens and those remembering the horror are fading away as we speak, as Mr. Otools statement is like a ripleys believe it or not segment with more incomplete facts to satisfy a feared and ignorant public , and those not old enough will believe john walsh with his sucsess as a hero crime fighter collecting very hansom checks and the spot light of a hollywood star, all from the loss of his son is shame full as a father . When is congress going to see this and tell him to go home .