Thursday, November 19, 2015

Nassau Co FloriDUH Sheriff Bill Leeper dressed up as another Shiitake Award nominee for Halloween

I wasn't able to get this up as I was in DC when the story broke, but it is never too late to name and shame a Shiitake candidate. I give you Bill Leeper.

Looks familiar, right? He took a page out of another FloriDUH Sheriff's playbook.

Red signs brand homes of registered sexual predators in Nassau County for Halloween
By Dan Scanlan Wed, Oct 28, 2015 @ 3:26 pm | updated Thu, Oct 29, 2015 @ 6:33 am

Large red signs in front of sexual predators’ homes are forewarning Nassau County children, parents and the predators on Halloween to beware.

Sheriff Bill Leeper said the signs have been erected to warn trick-or-treaters about the locations of 12 registered sexual predators in his county and will be removed after Halloween. Each sign includes the individual predator’s name.

“By law, sexual predators are not allowed to participate in any Halloween activity or give out candy to children, so this is just an added notice to the public when they are out,” Leeper said.

State law and Nassau County ordinance mandates that the Sheriff’s Office notify the public when a sexual predator moves into their neighborhood with the offender’s name, photograph and address. That information also is on the Sheriff’s Office website

Map: Check for sex offenders and predators in your neighborhood

Leeper said his detectives also check each of the registered predators’ homes monthly to make sure they are living under their rules.

“I knew it was being done in some other counties and had a suggestion from some residents to consider and thought it was a good idea, especially before Halloween,” Leeper said.

Posting warning signs outside registered sexual predators’ homes in Florida isn’t unusual. In April 2013, the Bradford County Sheriff’s Office installed 18 red warning signs with each person’s name. In early 2014, Port Orange investigated use of similar signs after Perry city officials installed them, according to the New York Daily News.

Along with the signs, Leeper’s office also released a list of Halloween safety tips for children. Children should trick-or-treat with an adult who should go with them to the door of every house. Children should not enter a home or approach a vehicle.

Leeper said trick-or-treaters should wear bright clothing or use reflective strips, plus carry a glow stick or flashlight. Only trick-or-treat at homes that are well-lit. Candy should not be eaten until an adult checks it.


  1. A ten foot tall inflateable penis would make more of an impression for those that need the fear instilled for the prevention of sexual abuse, sexual incounter's , and the reduction of unwanted births, and the proper use of condoms . Now sold at gas stations. That include the blue pill and sexual stimulaters. And a course taught at the schools from the sheriffs department .

  2. Laws do change , but it does take some convincing , notice the confederate flag that flies no more . The people have been heard .

  3. Why does sheriff Leeper look so proud of his accomplishments holding a post hole digger leaning next to this sign . He should be made to drive the oscer meyer weiner car with sex offender task force on its tube steak . This way everyone will know hes comming with that smile of confidence and the public will cheer for joy . HOPE YOU GOT THE ADDRESS BILL ! The south done do it again . Slander the system that pays your salary . END Halloween door to door that should be the new law .