Sunday, November 29, 2015

Patrick Phelan, Greece NY police chief, has a serious case of denial

NY is set to remove the first of the lowest tiered registrants off the state registry, and Patrick Phelan disagrees with that. Get this -- he actually believes being on the registry is completely harmless and we are free. Really?

Greece Police Chief Patrick Phelan said the registry helps track offenders. By removing them, it allows them to go undetected. "It isn't conducive to the safety of the residents of N.Y. to remove sex offenders from the registry. It's a good law. It doesn't behoove anybody except sex offenders to take them off the registry," Phelan said.

Some say being registered for 20 years is long enough. Phelan disagrees. "I don't see where we're harming them in any way by simply keeping them on the registry. They're still free citizens in the USA. They can come and go where ever they want, whenever they want. We're just monitoring them," Phelan said.

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  1. Does he really think when the budget goes flat that he or anyone else is going to care in his department .
    Think real hard - retired detective shoots his two sons in bellport LI.
    Cop cleared of killing three wifes but gets cought killing the forth . Nice court system !
    James burke chief of police pleads guilty of corruption charges in suffolk county with a duffel bag filled with sex toys and porn . Every state in the US has its stories of police corruption and yes they are free but still collecting tax payers proceeds that are not monitored or reported . They also need to be on a registry with pictures and restrictions of where to live . With out the publics money ! AUDIT all non profits . Turn NY upside down and let the upstate support the down state for a change and not with prisons or collages to no where degrees, and end double and triple retirements thats the problem with monitoring the so called free time served sex offender registry . Cant raise your children ; maybe the new laws should be married and pass a course before even think of having children for law inforcement OR the government to own and raise .