Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Austin Strickland of Mulberry, FloriDUH attacks man who found his lost daughter for him

People like Austin Strickland of Mulberry, FL remind us why you should NEVER help a lost child PERIOD, especially if you are a male. And, since it is FloriDUH, this complete asshat gets off and the Good Samaritan gets a warning. No wonder people make fun of your state.

I would have filed charges against this piece of trash. UPDATE: It has been reported the Good Samaritan left town after being harassed online by this idiot.


LPD: Lakeland man helping lost 2-year-old find her parents attacked by girl’s father, 2 others
By Mike Ferguson
Posted Jun 26, 2017 at 9:34 PM
Updated at 8:04 AM

LAKELAND – There were big swings and strikes Saturday at the Southwest Sports Complex, but not just on the field.
Austin Strickland, 22, of Lakeland, is accused of striking Utpal Patel, 39, before 4 p.m. Saturday after Patel tried to help Strickland’s 2-year-old daughter find her parents, according to the Lakeland Police Department. Strickland said he was just concerned for her well-being.
According to the LPD report, Patel and friends, including a Polk County deputy, had come to the complex to watch friends play softball. Patel told police that he later noticed a young girl, Kaydence Strickland, wandering lost and tried to help her locate her parents.
According to the report, Patel took the girl by the hand and asked her whether each man was “her daddy.” After telling Patel no many times, the young girl became agitated and tried to pull away. Fearing for her safety, Patel told police that he picked the girl up and began walking in the direction the young girl initially pointed, walking toward a playground, between 50 and 75 yards from where she was first located.
While walking toward the east side of the complex, Patel told police he was approached from behind by three white men. One took the girl from Patel’s arms and the other two began striking Patel in the face. Police noticed Patel’s face was swollen with a minor cut. Patel was able to identify Austin Strickland as one of the punchers, but the other two men’s identities are unknown.
According to a police report, Strickland and Kaydence’s mother, Autumn Terwilliger, told police that their daughter was not near the dugout where they had seen her last and they began searching for her. Strickland told police that another spectator told him that the girl was in the custody of an Indian man. Strickland told police that he thought Patel posed an imminent threat to his daughter.
“That’s all he was trying to do was help her locate the parents,” LPD spokesman Gary Gross said. “She had already wandered off and was out of her parents’ sight when he picked her up. Next thing you know, he’s getting hit without a word being said to him.”
Strickland disputes the claim that his daughter was wandering. Strickland, who was playing one of many softball games Saturday, said that from the time he saw her last to the time he noticed she was gone could not have been more than 30 or 45 seconds.
“I don’t know (Patel’s) intent,” he said. “Our kid was not wandering around the park. It was not long enough for me to slide my shoes off and put the cleats on that she was gone.”
According to the report, Strickland and another man repeatedly began hitting Patel in the face, but ceased once a crowd began to gather. The two parents told police that they would look away for several seconds at a time before looking back in the direction of where their daughter was. After being told Strickland’s testimony, Patel said he did not “fault” Strickland and declined to press charges for simple battery.
“This is a kind-spirited citizen who did not want to press charges,” Gross said.
An independent witness, Nichole Floyd, 32, who did not observe the entire incident, said she saw Patel walking with the girl asking the girl whether each man was her “daddy.” Floyd told police that she did not perceive the girl to be in any danger when multiple men attacked Patel from behind. Police contacted several other witnesses at the scene, but reports were either conflicting or hearsay.
After being updated on the testimony of Patel and Floyd and told that charges would be dropped, Strickland told an officer that “you must not be a parent or you would be arresting him,” the report said. Strickland added that “in Lakeland, you can kidnap a child and get away with it.”
In the report, Strickland told police that it was suspicious that Patel would be walking toward the playground because everyone at the playground was black and that he and his daughter are white. At the request of the city of Lakeland, Patel was issued a trespass warning.
Strickland told The Ledger on Monday that he would have preferred Patel take his daughter to a concession stand or some place with a speaker where he could have been called. Kaydence, he said, is safe and unfazed by the incident. Strickland said he doesn’t regret the actions that he took.
“At the time, all we saw was him walking toward the parking lot with my daughter,” Strickland said.
Following the incident, police said pictures of Patel began surfacing on Facebook with links to his page, his work address and the notion that he was a predator. Strickland said he is not an advocate of the malicious posts. After clearing the air, Gross said many of the posts have been deleted.
“People have to be cautious of what they share and say,” Gross said. “If you want to know what really happened, call us.”



According to WFLA, other media outlets and police, family members and friends went on social media and shared the man’s photo, his Facebook page and his place of business, “calling him a child predator,” WFLA said.

Police, however, called him a “good Samaritan” in their statement. “It is understandable how parents can possibly be upset in a situation involving a lost child,” the statement said. “However, this incident truly involved a good Samaritan trying to assist a lost child finding” her parents.

“Accounts of this incident have circulated on social media with false information and speculation. Posting false information on Facebook could cause a defamation of character claim and those posting false information could be held [liable].”

Incident at Southwest Sports Complex.On June 24, at approximately 3:35 p.m., the Lakeland Police Department responded…

Posted by LakelandPD on Sunday, June 25, 2017

One Facebook user responded: “I was one of those who shared post thinking it was helpful, now I feel awful that it clearly was not! Definitely teaches me to double check sources before spreading!”

“Now this man’s face is all over the internet,” said another commenter on the police department’s Facebook page. ” … The assumptions that were made can ruin this guys life. Unbelievable.”

The good Samaritan told several local outlets that he has now left town with his family for their safety. He says he will not press charges against the father.

The father made no apologies for his actions but told The Post, “All that matters is that my daughter is home safely.”

The offending post, from the media
Apparently Austin Strickland sticks to his guns...

This is why you should ALWAYS double check things before sharing stupid crap on FB, people. 


  1. Here's the scumbag's profile, I think we should share it and pressure him to apologize, it's people like this that make America look like a joke to the rest of the world.


  2. these parents should have their child/children taken away from them. They weren't watching them, someone tried to help & they think it's okay to beat the guy & ruin his life when he tried to help their child. Sickos

  3. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001346545664

  4. This is the biggest asshole i have ever heard about! HOW DO YOU NOT PAY ATTENTION TO WHERE YOUR CHILD IS!! This is why some people shouldnt have multiple children. IF YOU CANT WATCH YOUR OWN CHILD YOU SHOULDNT HAVE ONE! This poor guy was just trying to help and this ASSCLOWN is trying to ruin his life because he doesnt want TO ADMIT HE WASNT PAYING ATTENTION TO HIS KID!! AUSTIN STRICKLAND YOUR THE BIGGEST ASSHOLE IN THE WORLD!! PAY MORE ATTENTION TO ALL OF YOUR KIDS NOT PART OF THE TIME!!!

    1. Well I'm coming out of the vigilante closet myself. I used to support people like Austin Strickland, Edgar Welch and Alex Jones. The more you mention assholes like this the more I look at myself and wonder how the hell did O not end up insane as them

  5. This is how you perform a hate crime with deniability: Tell your 2 year old to go "wander" by that not white guy. And when he tries to help them, cuz it's an upset 2 year old, beat his ass into the ground and have your ignorant friends shame him out of town.

  6. How come nobody's asking what the child was doing all alone? The father's upset? Violent piece of trash.

  7. Austin privatized his FB account.

    1. He obviously couldn't stand the taste of his own medicine.

    2. His relatives' accounts are still live, as is his employer's.

  8. Autin Strickland is such an asshole. Find out the facts first before beating up someone innocent who was just trying to help your kid

  9. What a cowardly POS! Him and his tough guy pals beat up and smear an innocent man and then try to hide when people find out what lying, scum they are. Well guess what. The Truth is out now and there is nowhere you can hide from it, hateful trash!

  10. Karma is a bitch and this low life will get his! FUCKING TRASH!!!

  11. What a shitty human being. God forbid he acknowledges that he lost track of his kid and then attacked someone trying to help him. I feel bad for the kid.

  12. Next time your daughter may not be as fortunate due to your irresponsible stupidity! Your a kid and a clown...how would somebody be able to try and "kidnap" your kid if you and her mother were doing what your supposed to do be a parent you hateful idiot. I'm glad your daughter is safe but I also feel sorry because your obviously incapable of keeping and eye on her and its only a matter of time until something bad truly happens. Your an u grateful bastard and karma will meet up with you soon. When that day comes I hope its posted all over social media!!! Good luck looser

  13. Stricklands should be charged for several crimes: child neglect, battery, conspiracy, libel, defamation. Most of all CPS needs to check on the children. A violent man is a violent man all his life--not just on the day he beats up a brown man and gets away with it.

  14. Hmm. After looking at some of the Facebook profiles of this families friends, it is not surprising that this happened. Confederate flags all over the place.

  15. Well we could put Austin Strickland on a registry of insane people?

  16. I hope by how Strickland has reconsidered his position and has repented. I hope he pays for the dentist's bill of his victim. I hope he gets educated on the true likelihood of a stranger danger case.

  17. Hey strickland, get cancer ....die!

  18. Austin Strickland you and your friends are typical Polk county rednecks you need Dcf to investigate you and the white trash baby momma. Why was your daughter given the chance to leave your sight? Because your Mulberry inbred trash. MULBERRY FL. Armpit of Florida and home to Austin Strickland...white trash, neglectful father of the year.

  19. Austin Strickland and his family need be murder right now world will not miss you and your family i place bounty on Austin Strickland and his family be kill for $1,000 today

  20. That man was trying to help your kid to find you. Since you ruin that man life, his wife life, and his kids life too. The next time your kid get lost and it won't be so lucky. With your neighbors see your kid lost but not helping your kid because they are being afraid you going ruin theirs life too. Your kid get hit by the car and be wheelchair for life.

    I hope this teach you a lesson!

  21. Austin Strickland

    I hope you learn your lesson by doing this.

    What with one person make false media post about you.

    As example:

    Austin Strickland will punch anyone you who get closed to his daughter. He might get death threats and force to moved. He might learn is lesson what this man felt.

    I hope someone see it and put it in the media post to teach Austin Strickland a lesson.