Thursday, May 10, 2018

Juanchy Mejia misuses photo from OnceFallen blog and uses it for vigilante petition

I do not appreciate anyone using my personal works, be it my writing or anything else, then using it to promote vigilante actions against registered citizens. So Juanchy Mejia created an online petition to chase homeless registrants from Kendall, and he used a very familiar picture.

First, look at my photo from the Hialeah Camp, from my personal blog:

Now, look at the photo Mejia uaed for his vigilante petition:

Look at the traffic cone, the white flag on the pole, and the buckets. They are all the same! This is without a doubt MY photo, used for this disgusting act of vigilantism.

"Since 2014 a colony of Sexual predators (300+) has been living by the railroad tracks near Hialeah. , Florida. In March Mayor Carlos Gimenez issued a memo giving the homeless predators 45 days to vacate the area. With the May 6 deadline coming soon, outreach groups have been working with sex offenders to find new places to live. One of the suggested location is the area located in the intersection of Krome Ave and SW 88 ST (Kendall Dr.) in West Kendall where some sexual predators are already living in the bushes. If this take place, this will definitely affect the entire community of Kendall, our properties, businesses, schools, safety, and most important our quality of life. We the residents of Kendall totally oppose to the idea of relocating these criminals to our community. We herein sign a petition not only to oppose to this very wrong idea but also to request removal of the existing predators in the area. "

ADDENDUM: Mejia has since removed my copyrighted work from his shit petition. His justification -- " I respect your view but I also defend the right of other to be safe and just within 500 ft away from our community a Kidnapper just moved two days ago, and I am pretty sure you do not support that kind of behavior..."

He is now trying to threaten me for this post. He needs to understand the difference between Fair Use and misuse. You see, this blog is an informational, educational and social commentary. However, Raunchy Juanchy's actions differ because his use of my photo to promote a commercial venture, specifically his vigilante blog. I will NOT remove this post. It is news. Deal with it.

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