Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I can't wait to see the Law and Order SVU "Ripped from the Headline" for THIS Jury Trial: Guy flashes jurors to prove his innocence

I've heard of a hung jury, but this is ridiculous. But hey, whatever gets you off... and by that I mean get found Not Guilty in court.


Accused rapist shows penis to jury to prove innocence
By Kevin Sheehan and Ruth Brown May 24, 2018 | 9:46pm | Updated

Accused rapist shows penis to jury to prove innocence
Desmond James

A Connecticut man on trial for sexual assault was allowed to drop trou and expose his penis to a stunned New Haven jury this week — to prove that it doesn’t match his accuser’s description.

The accuser says she was raped in 2012 by a stranger whose penis was lighter than the rest of his skin — and picked Desmond James, 26, out of a photo lineup as her attacker.

But James’ attorney on Wednesday argued that his client’s private parts are actually darker than the rest of his body — and the best way to prove it was to display his manhood.

Judge Elpedio Vitale agreed it was within James’ Sixth Amendment rights to defend himself by whipping his bits out in the hall of justice.

But when Vitale brought the two women and six men of the jury into the courtroom, he didn’t warn them what they were going to see — saying only the defense was going to offer “nontestimonial” evidence that is “sensitive in nature and highly personal.”

So the jurors were cold-cocked when James walked into the middle of the courtroom, dropped his pants, lifted his shirt and pulled out his penis — standing wordlessly for a full 10 seconds, according to people who witnessed the spectacle.

Shocked, at least one juror looked away, while others in the room tried to suppress grins and snickers at the XXXculpatory evidence, witnesses said.

James then pulled up his pants — and the defense rested its case.

“You saw a penis that is darker than the rest of his skin. For that reason alone, you must acquit,” defense attorney Todd Bussert said in closing statements on Thursday. Bussert noted that the display had brought more people into the courtroom that day.

“You may have noticed because of my client having to show his penis . . . the gallery’s a little more full today,” Bussert said.

He also defended giving the courtroom an eyeful, saying mere photos would have created too many questions about lighting, film and printers.

But prosecutor Stacey Miranda said the graphic exhibit was far from hard evidence — arguing James might have done something with his pubic hair since the assault.

“You saw the defendant’s penis — what was that?!” said Miranda.

“It is six years later. Do we have any idea of what she may have been seeing that night? What his manscaping was like at the time? What light was shining on it?”

Miranda also argued that the case didn’t hang on what was hanging between James’ legs alone — claiming that DNA evidence in the victim’s rape kit was also consistent with James’ genetic profile.

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