Monday, June 4, 2018

Jennifer Lane of Community Voices (in their heads) wants to have therapists who treat registrants arrested if a client reoffends

I have a better idea. We should hold victim's rights advocates like Jennifer Lane and their organizations like Community Voices accountable when they fail to actually help victims and decide to profiteer from them.

Victims’ advocate wants psychologists charged if sex offenders repeat
Joe Dwinell Sunday, June 03, 2018

A leading victims advocate wants state-appointed psychologists who declare sex offenders can be released from prison held accountable if the predators strike again.

Jennifer Lane, president of Community Voices, said charges should be brought against the examiners in some cases.

“I’m so sick and tired of this,” Lane told the Herald. “There are more people defending sex offenders than the victims.”

Pedophiles and rapists don’t age out of their horrific habits, she said. “It’s a mental issue.”

Her comments come as the Supreme Judicial Court is “taking under advisement” a petition to keep serial child rapist Wayne W. Chapman civilly committed in MCI-Shirley. He’s accused of molesting up to 100 boys.

Two state-contracted psychologists — Katrin Rouse Weir and Gregg A. Belle — examined Chapman for just over an hour recently and declared he can be released into the community. Both say his age at 70 makes him less likely to reoffend.

Lane said if they are wrong, more victims will pay the price.

“They should be held accountable and charges brought against them,” said Lane. “It’s atrocious to me. It’s infuriating” to let Chapman out.

As the Herald reported yesterday, Chapman was reported for being “fully exposed” in his bed when a prison nurse visited him March 4, according to Belle’s unredacted report.

Belle, also reported by the Herald yesterday, stated that a Roxbury man in prison for attempted rape was no longer a “sexually dangerous person” in the fall of 2013.

That man, Donald Galvin, was accused of raping a 79-year-old woman in her Hingham home in July 2016 after allegedly stalking her in a grocery store and then following her home.

Galvin was in his late 60s at the time. He died this winter at Lemuel Shattuck Hospital in Boston after a long illness.

He was due to stand trial on the rape charge just days later.

Belle, reached by the Herald Friday, said Department of Correction policy prohibits him or any qualified examiner “from speaking to the media.”



    Now An Austin Man Spencer Carlton is proven not Guilty when he killed the person he accused of Groping Women.


    Update Ken Maurice Butler of Canada is claiming vigilante attack for an attempted murder.

    A homeless vigilante who repeatedly stabbed a man he suspected of sexual assault was sentenced Tuesday to time he'd already served in jail.

    Ken Maurice Butler knifed Nevada Vance in downtown Kelowna hours after he'd been warned by police to leave the investigation to them.

    "I really regret getting involved in that situation," Butler, 32, said before sentencing. "I just should have left it alone, left it to the police."

    Judge Lisa Wyatt accepted a joint sentencing ecommendation from Crown and defence. She said the sentence of 16 months Butler was credited for in jail after his arrest was on the low end for aggravated assault, but appropriate considering the circumstances.

    Butler, originally from Newfoundland, and Vance knew each other from their time at a homeless shelter at the Emmanuel Church in downtown Westbank.

    In December 2016, a young woman complained to Butler that Vance had sexually assaulted her. Butler soon encountered Vance in a Westbank gas station, where Vance pulled a knife on him.

    Butler disarmed Vance, took the alleged victim to the Emmanuel Assembly church, then tracked Vance to downtown Kelowna.

    A Kelowna RCMP officer investigating the alleged sexual assault told Butler to leave the area, but Butler instead got into an altercation with Vance and stabbed him several times. Vance was hospitalized for several days.

    "It's lucky they were able to tend to his wounds and get him healed," Wyatt told Butler.

    No charges have been laid against Vance in connection with the alleged sexual assault of the young woman. He did not appear in court.

    Butler's lawyer, Cory Armour, said his client's actions may have been influenced by something that happened to him when he was a young boy. At age eight, Armour said, Butler witnessed his mother being attacked by her brother. Later, Butler worked at a strip club where he routinely saw women mistreated by men, Armour said.

    "The state of mind of Mr. Butler was that this girl had been assaulted," Armour said of Butler. "He is perhaps more sensitive to violence against women than other individuals. . . He said he got flashbacks to what had happened to his mother . . . it took over."

    Crown prosecutor David Grabavac said one consideration in accepting the joint sentencing recommendation was that more than 18 months had elapsed since Butler was arrested and Monday's court proceedings. That violates a recent Supreme Court of Canada order that criminal trials should be concluded within 18 months of a person being charged with a criminal offence.

    The main reason the case went beyond 18 months is that Vance did not show up for court proceedings last November. His current whereabouts is unknown, court heard.

    Butler, who has been living in Penticton and working as a floorer while out on bail, intends now to go back to Newfoundland where he has family that includes two young sons. Judge Wyatt told Butler, who she also placed on probation for three years, to be a good role model to his boys.