Friday, June 15, 2018

Minnesota pushes for a mandatory half-century supervision period (HF 2944)

Pretty straightforward, and pretty stupid. Ten years, the current law, is a stretch, but 50 years is a complete waste. Do you know what happened 50 years ago? MLK was assassinated. Today, MN is looking to assassinate human rights.

Sex offenders required to serve 50-year conditional release or probation terms, and intensive probation for sex offenders established.

Grossell ; Lohmer ; Poston ; Dettmer
Separated Chronological
02/22/2018 Introduction and first reading, referred to Public Safety and Security Policy and Finance pg. 7088 Intro
03/05/2018 Authors added Lohmer and Poston. pg. 7223
04/09/2018 Author added Dettmer. pg. 8075


  1. Well we live in an era where Spencer Carlton can Kill a guy he accuses of being a rapist and get a not guilty verdict in Texas by a judge. Yes a Texas Judge has freed a vigilante who killed somebody because the vigilante heard allegations of a groping incident and killed his target. Well laws like this are not a surprise here.


    And this in Canada where Ken Maurice Butler stabbed another man because he heard rumors that another guy was a rapist.