Sunday, June 17, 2018

Another famous victim comes out of nowhere begging for money. Is it wise to give money to someone admittedly struggling with a drug addiction?

Hey, folks, let's all just send a drug addict lots of money because she's a famous victim, surely nothing can go wrong, right?

And this lady will likely get the money, because she is a famous victim from a 13 year old case. People are blindly throwing her money, despite serving a stint in juvy for drug crimes, and is struggling with drug addiction. I'm not fond of tempting someone who has not recovered from drug addition a bunch of money.

June 17, 2018 at 5:00 am | By BRIAN WALKER Staff Writer

....Two years ago, Shasta started an online petition in support of locking up sex offenders for life after their first offense. It not only fizzled, but drew backlash, she said.

"People were messaging me saying, 'You got a second chance, so how come sex offenders can't have a second chance?'" she said....

Shasta spent most of her teen years in jail on drug-related charges before being placed in a two-year rehabilitation program in Salt Lake City. She received her high school diploma from the Juniper Hills boarding school in St. Anthony.

She said she contemplated suicide often and spent time at a psychiatric hospital.

"I had quite the rodeo as a teen," she said. "I definitely didn't have a childhood growing up. Before Duncan came into my life, I had a hard childhood because my parents and brothers had drug addictions."

Those unimaginable childhood challenges made routine social interactions almost impossible.

"Having gone through what I did, I had a hard time keeping friends who understood where I was coming from,” Shasta said. “I was a hard person to be with, and I had a lot of trust issues. I had gotten to the point thinking that maybe this was what life was supposed to be like."

She said life began to change at 18 after she was released from the correctional facility and had her first son.

"I had to stop being angry because that's what led to my drug addiction," she said. "When I started to make it a learning experience, things began to fall back in place. When I had my own place in Nampa, owned a car and I was working, everything just felt better.

"My kids helped sway me away from drugs and alcohol, but it's something I still face every day," she said. "There's always people from the past who I run into trying to sway you back into that. It takes time to overcome."


  1. Umm I don't know if shaming drug addicts is a good idea though.


    But Now we have a new attack though. in Germany

    A 50-year-old man was severely beaten at his home in northwest Germany by a mob believing they recognized him from a television programme about paedophiles, police said on Thursday.
    In what authorities called a case of "vigilante justice", the assailants will face charges of attempted murder.

    The incident occurred on Tuesday after a television show was aired in which reporters attempt to contact suspected paedophiles via the internet.

    The programme showed a man whose behaviour was deemed by the reporters to be suspicious.

    After it was aired, local viewers thought they recognized the man and his address, went to his home and beat him savagely, leaving him critically injured.

    The victim's life is no longer in danger and police said they had no reason to believe that he or anyone else from his block of flats was guilty of child abuse.

    No suspects have been arrested and police asked the public for tips.

    "The Bremen police stress that no one has the right to take justice into their own hands," they said in a statement.