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Abbie Alford puts the "Dirty" in Operation Dirty Dozen

She may have a light, but she doesn't have a clue.
This isn't Abbie Alford's first appearance on the Annual Shiitake Awards. In 2009, she was nominated for claiming "pedophiles" were going to comic book conventions dressed as the internet meme "Pedobear". She lost, but she's now the first media hound to get a nod after losing and missing a year. How does she still have a job, anyways? She fails miserably at journalism. Watching her heckle the guy arrested in her article made me think I was watching Jerry Springer.

Operation Dirty Dozen: Tulsa's wanted sex offenders

Reported by: Abbie Alford
Updated: 3/29 11:54 pmPublished: 3/28 6:06 pm

Tulsa area law enforcement is tracking down sex offenders in hiding.

The U.S. Marshals, Tulsa Police Fugitive and Warrants Team (Northern Oklahoma Violent Crimes Task Force) and TPD Exploitation Unit teamed up to target Tulsa’s most wanted sex offenders.

In an exclusive FOX23 report law enforcement tracked down the 106 unregistered sex offenders and wanted for other crimes.  FOX23 News talked to law enforcement and sex offenders.

Police say more than one in five convicted sex offenders in Tulsa is essentially in hiding.

The Tulsa Police Department sex offender registration map shows a few white pockets where Tulsa’s 454 convicted sex offenders can legally live and register.

Tulsa Police Exploitation Sergeant John Adams reports there are 348 sex offenders registered in Tulsa; that means 106 are delinquent.

Convicted sex offenders cannot live within two thousand feet of parks, playgrounds, licensed daycares and schools,  and that’s the reason they say they won’t register.

"Tulsa Police, U.S. Marshals if you are inside you need to announce yourself,” said U.S. Marshal Deputy Chad Hunt.

Donald L. Lareaux, 41, was convicted of fondling children in 2004. He hasn’t registered since he got out of prison in 2010.

However, law enforcement tracked him down hiding in his brother’s house.

"Donald, U.S. Marshals come to the front door,” said Hunt.

After about five minutes, Lareaux comes out and he’s cuffed.

Lareaux tries to explain why he registered a fake address.
Hunt: "Why didn't you register?”

Lareaux: "I feel like the laws are little bit stringent and if they made it easier to do. I would do it… More places to live, that's the whole problem that everybody deals with."

U.S. Marshals and the Northern Oklahoma Violent Crimes Task Force stake out a level three sex offender near 21st and 145th E. Avenue.

David E. Collins, Jr., 38, is one of 106 convicted sex offenders living in Tulsa, but won’t tell police where they live. 

"You got to register. When was the last time you registered?" asked Hunt.

Prison records show it’s been two years since Collins registered and it wasn’t where law enforcement found him.

Collins didn’t want to answer question asked by FOX23’s Abbie Alford. (He shouldn't have to, bitch)

Collins: "It's hard to do it. I don't want to do it."

Alford “People need to know where sex offenders live.” (Um, no they don't)

Collins: “I didn't hurt anybody.”

Alford “Didn't you get convicted of rape?” (Again, none of your business, he did his time, bitch)

Collins: “I’m not answering any questions."

Under the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry Act, convicted sex offenders have three days to register with local law enforcement after being released from prison.

Depending on the level a sex offender is categorized as, he or she may be required to register every three, six or twelve months.

An Oklahoma proposal being considered in the state house would prohibit sex offenders convicted of abusing a child under 13 from living with a minor. It would exclude sex offenders from living with their child or grandchild, as long as the child was not the victim.

HB 3049 is sponsored by Representative Mike Sanders (R-Kingfisher) and Senator Bryce Marlatt (R-Woodward). It has been approved by the House and is waiting for approval from the Senate.

There were 105 warrants for failure to register.

Sergeant Adams reports over the three-day operation they arrested 11 convicted sex offenders in Tulsa.

They also located eighteen sex offenders who were in custody in another jurisdiction, one was in Oklahoma City.

There were 38 registered sex offenders located in another state but still have outstanding warrants in Tulsa. Three were deported by Immigration Customs Enforcement and seven passed away.

The U.S. Marshall's Office will be working with the DA's Office to determine what to do with the 38 located out of state and the 18 in custody at other jurisdictions. 

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