Saturday, March 10, 2012

Man can't see his daughter for reporting CP on the internet

Let's say you find some illegal pictures on the internet. What would you do? If you said, "I'd report it to the police," this story might make you reconsider, at least if you live in Bloody ol' England. Cheerio and all that ro

Council bans daughter contact over child images

A man who informed police when he found child abuse images on his computer has not been allowed to be alone with his daughter for four months.
Nigel Robinson from Hull said he called police after trying to download music but instead finding pornographic images on his laptop last November.As a result social services said he "should not have unsupervised access with his own or other children". He said he was "totally innocent". No arrests or charges have been made.
Mr Robinson, 43, recalled how on discovering the images he discussed the situation with his wife and immediately called police to report the incident. Shortly after his call the police and East Riding social services came to Mr Robinson's house to take statements from him. During the meeting social services requested Mr Robinson did not have unsupervised access with his child.
'No control'
A council statement said: "The council's social care team considers that, on the information it presently has about this case, it is a proportionate response to request that Mr Robinson should not have unsupervised access with his own or other children.
"The council will keep the case under review but cannot comment further as this is an on-going investigation."
The police took the laptop away for investigation and said it could be a year before it is returned, Mr Robinson said.
Humberside Police said: "We are conducting an investigation that has resulted in the confiscation of a laptop in order for the relevant enquiries to take place - standard procedure for this type of investigation.
"The laptop is sent away to be examined and, as this forms the basis for a number of different investigations, Humberside Police have no control over the amount of time it takes for the laptop to be returned."
'Very stressful'
Mr Robinson said: "It makes you feel as though you shouldn't have reported it in the first place." He added it would have been "a lot easier" to just throw the machine in the bin.
Mr Robinson said the restrictions on seeing his daughter had come to a head after his wife had returned to work. When his wife works late, as regularly happens, Mr Robinson's daughter goes to his mother-in-law's home. He goes round to see his daughter and them comes home on his own. He said the experience was "very stressful for the family".

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