Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Richard Ferrucci, noodle-headed cop not using his noodle

This is Richard Ferrucci (isn't that a kind of pasta?), the "Senior Investigator" at the Oneida Co NY District Attorney's Office. New York has certainly been underrepresented here at the Shiitake Awards, but Ferrucci must be trying to change that. In an article on the impact of the sex offender registry on the family of a registrant, Richard Ferrucci spoon-feeds the reporters the same stupid spiel we've come to expect from a keystone cop:

"The public has the right to know these people were dangerous, probably still are dangerous, or can be dangerous in the future to young children. Children don't really have a means to protect themselves. By having a means to access information that is out there about crimes these people commit is paramount to keep their children safe."

Ferrucci apparently doesn't understand the intent of the article. If we are merely looking at potential threats, and 95% of sex crimes are committed by first time offenders, that means we should watch people like Ferrucci. He does look like a suspicious character. Not everyone on the list was/is a danger to kids, either. 

Ferrucci? More like Bucatini-- thick and hollow-headed.

What do you do when you need a numbnut to make irrelevant comments to a serious news report?
You go to the DA's office, that's what.

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  1. Wow... An award richly deserved by an obvious knucklehead. After I listen to his inane "cop comments" I kinda felt sorry for the ignorant fool. I'm sure those words he uttered with such arrogant confidence will sooner than later come full circle to haunt him. New York state... you'll be sleeping safe 'n sound tonight with Officer Gilligan holding down the fort against the scary 'sex offenders' "out there"...gosh..what a hero...what a MAN!!!