Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Prison shrink Laurie Ann Martinez fakes rape to earn a new home

Not a real rape victim, just plays one on TV. And no, I didn't make this graphic.

This is Laurie Ann Martinez of Folsom, CA. She wanted to live in a better neighborhood but her husband was not buying it. So what's a woman to do? Inspired by her career as a prison shrink, Martinez created a crazy rape claim in order to convince the hubby to buy her a new home. She went all out, too, getting her friend to punch her in the face with Boxing gloves on. Well, the police weren't buying it, but Martinez won herself a new home after all-- in jail.

And I bet you thought the Everyday Zeroes award were just for regular psychos like No Peace For Predators.


New Folsom Prison psychologist on paid leave after allegedly lying about rape
Laurie Ann Martinez may have made up rape story to convince husband to move to better neighborhood
By Laura Newell, Telegraph staff writer

Prison officials confirmed Friday a New Folsom Prison psychologist has been placed on administrative time off as a result of the criminal charges against her.
According to authorities, officers arrested Laurie Ann Martinez, a licensed psychologist for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation at California State Prison-Sacramento in Folsom, on suspicion of two counts of criminal conspiracy.
Martinez, a senior psychologist supervisor, oversaw a team of clinicians who treat inmates with mental health issues at the prison.
Police are alleging that a rape call from last April by Martinez was a staged fake rape attack.
Martinez, 36, was found lying on the floor of her Sacramento home in hysterics by police after responding to a 911 call.
According to officials, her shirt was ripped open, her lip split and her knuckles scraped. She told officers she had come home to find a “strange man who knocked her unconscious, raped her and robbed her.”
Police are now speculating that the event was a lie and staged by Martinez to persuade her husband to move to another neighborhood.
According to reports, court documents show police detectives and the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office alleges that Martinez, with the help of friend Nicole April Snyder, staged the entire scene.
Reports show, Martinez used sandpaper to scuff up her hands, a pin to cut her lip. She reportedly ripped open her shirt to expose her breasts and urinated on herself to convince officers she had been knocked out, officials said.
Snyder, 33, used boxing gloves, purchased at the direction of Martinez, to rough up her friend's face, according to the documents. And then she hid items in her own home that Martinez would later tell police had been stolen, including two laptop computers, her purse and an Xbox, according to reports.
If convicted, each defendant faces three years in prison, according to District Attorney Office officials.
According to reports, the criminal complaint states that the charges come from a false report to police April 10 when Martinez called 911 to report a home-invasion robbery and sexual assault.

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